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About Naimuri

We are Naimuri. We are on a mission to make the UK a safer and better place.

We were born in Manchester and have grown from a little-known tech start-up to a flourishing community of pretty unique individuals, delivering powerful and impactful work.

Here at Naimuri, we are not only driven by our mission, but by empowering our people to do what they feel is right, in an inclusive and collaborative environment.

We are part of the QinetiQ family (acquired in 2020), but continue to shape our own individual brand identity and culture as we work in collaboration to grow.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do and using data and technology to enable positive change for our customers (including government and law enforcement) and ultimately revolutionise the way they work, makes us pretty happy.

We understand the power of working with academics and educational institutions to 

drive collaboration, break boundaries, nurture future talent and deliver change.

Everyone is made to feel like they are truly welcome, safe and have a voice and are free to be themselves in Naimuri.  As we grow, we are continually looking at ways to enhance how we share, operate, communicate and learn as an ever-evolving inclusive, bias free and open culture.

Our internal power groups help us to focus on our environmental, philanthropic, ethical, and economic responsibilities and create initiatives to deliver change; however subtle that may be.

We care about the world we live in, whether that is here in Manchester helping to nurture the next generation of talent, giving back to our local communities or looking further afield and making a positive contribution to the world as we know it.


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