Asking your
boss to pay

So you’re looking forward to attending Manchester Tech Festival but not sure how to ask your boss for the time off – or even if they would mind funding it?

Don’t worry we’ve got your back with our helpful guide to asking your boss to send you to Manchester Tech Festival – who knows they may even send the whole team!

Manchester Tech Festival is a week-celebration of Manchester’s Tech community. Created by the community for the community, the festival is jam-packed with engaging tech talks, interactive workshops and prime networking opportunities. Whilst you’re there you can forge new connections, learn ways to kick up your productivity and even drive your business growth forwards! So how do we convince your boss?

That’s easy – you simply need to communicate three things:

  • What are the details of the festival? How many days would you like to attend? What is the ticket price and are there any costs such as travel and accommodation you would like covering?
  • What are your reasons for attending? – why is Manchester Tech Festival relevant to you, your role and most importantly how will it benefit the business you work for?
  • How you will share your learnings? Many employers are willing to pay for learning development if employees are willing to share their learnings with the team. Think about it – the more people they can educate with one ticket the better!

To help you craft your ask we have put together a helpful email template, that you can take and amend according to your planned festival experience. In addition we’ve also put together a quick PDF overview of the festival that you can attach to the email to give your boss a flavour of what the festival is about!

Dear [my boss]

I would like to attend Manchester Tech Festival this year and wondered if it would be something that you would consider covering the cost of the ticket? I have included a business case below, and would be more than happy to answer any more questions you may have.

Festival Overview

Manchester Tech Festival is a week of engaging tech events, full of inspiring tech talks, interactive workshops and prime networking opportunities. The conference is split into multiple tracks and I would like to attend:






Cost Breakdown

The ticket price would be: [Insert Ticket price] and includes admission to the conference and evening social on each day.

Benefits of attending & sharing my experience

I believe that the knowledge I gather during the festival will positively impact the rest of our team and the company as a whole. As a result, I am fully committed to sharing the insights I gain upon my return by:

  • Write a blog post on the talks and workshops I attend, providing the key takeaways and insights I gained
  • Host a lunch and learn session to present the key points that would be relevant to our team and how we could implement them into the company
  • Write a piece for the internal newsletter detailing the things I learned
  • Produce a vlog during my experience capturing the experiences I attend
  • Engage with our company and Manchester Tech Festival on social media to raise awareness of our brand


I really look forward to the opportunity to attend Manchester Tech Festival and hope you are able to support my attendance. I will ensure I keep on top of communication with stakeholders at one of the breakout zones provided at the festival.

I have attached a PDF that gives an overview of the festival, but if you should need anymore information you can visit or let me know if there is anything I can answer.

Thanks in advance

[your name]

Purchase your pass

Convinced your boss to pay? Head on over to our ticket page to purchase your pass!