Manchester Digital Strategy

Manchester’s Digital Strategy: Doing Digital Together

 This is Manchester.  

Where people always look to the future, to the next big thing, and what innovation could mean for us all.   

It’s a bold, exciting, inclusive, pioneering future where digital plays a part in everywhere we go and everything we do. 

It’s our people that will make this digital future a reality. A fair future, where everyone can benefit – from young to old residents and everyone in between, from small startups to global corporations, public to private sectors.  

Lots of us are already part of it. Contactless payments, checking travel apps, video calling, social media. There’s all that and so much more we could do.   

Of course, we have a plan to get there. To make our incredible city better for every one of us. Together we can make Manchester a leading global digital city by 2026. 


Underpinned by four themes, Manchester’s Digital Strategy: Doing Digital Together sets the vision for Manchester to be a world class digital city. This includes making sure that we have digitally skilled residents, a future-proofed infrastructure, a thriving digital economy, and a digitally enabled transition to a sustainable and resilient city. 

When we talk about digital, we aren’t just talking about technology. Digital supports people to access key services such as health and finance, as well opportunities for learning and employment. Digital opens the door to new businesses and our inclusive future in Manchester relies on it in many ways. 

Skills and giving Manchester’s residents equal and fair opportunities into tech careers is key to making the Strategy a success, so we are delighted to support Manchester Tech Festival’s Pathways into Tech track and look forward to meeting the likeminded and vibrant individuals that make up Manchester’s tech community. 

To make the Strategy a reality, and to support Manchester to build on its strengths, Manchester City Council has created a small and ambitious Digital Strategy team to coordinate delivery of the Strategy. To find out more about the Strategy, email the Team at