Donation Scheme

Did you know?
During the global pandemic, although 96% of households had access to the internet, 1 in 5 children did not have an appropriate device for home learning.

At MTF we understand that without appropriate hardware, many children and adults cannot carry out simple tasks such as paying bills, access education as well as others or independently pursue a career in tech.

To combat this, we have partnered with Community Computers, a Manchester based charity committed to tackling digital exclusion. By working with our sponsors and festival attendees, we facilitate the donation of hardware to Community Computers, who refurbishing unwanted and redundant tech before distributing it to those in need.

Tech Drop Off Zone

During this year’s festival, Community Computers will be running a Tech Drop off Zone at Victoria Baths, allowing all of our attendees to  dig out and donate all of their own redundant tech!

Community Computers accept a number of tech items including: 

  • Ipads & Tablets
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptops
  • iPhones & Smart Phones
  • Scanners & Cameras
  • Networking peripherals and Servers


Although Community Computers do accept monitors and other peripherals, we will be unable to accept these at the festival due to venue size. 

  1. Each item donated at the festival is given a serial number and stored securely before being shipped to Community Computers HQ. Within 48 hours all data on your hardware is destroyed and a certificate of destruction is produced top verify the method used. 
  2. After data destruction, hardware is refurbished with a replacement SSD, additional RAM, a Windows license and a Microsoft Office license. These are then distributed to those referred to the service
  3. Any hardware which cannot be refurbished will be recycled by Community Computers. Precious metals are recycled via an AATF and hazardous waste is disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations. 

Community Computers take the destruction os your data seriously:

Physical Destruction

  • Physical destruction of SDD, HDD and other magnetic based media with Data Crunch 250 and DataGauss degausser.
  • Hard drives are degaussed, destroying all data with our powerful degaussing machine then physically snapped with a purpose-built crushing machine. Platters are broken into multiple pieces and the control board snapped beyond use.
  • SSDs crushed with a device that penetrates all SSD data


Data Destruction

  • SSD drives are professionally data wiped using Certus, industry leading data wiping technology
  • This performs an encrypted ATA secure data erasure to the entire SSD, where the device firmware supports it, or a US DoD 5220.22-M 3 pass overwrite to the entire drive, where ATA secure wipe isn’t supported.
  • Conforms to international standard US DoD standard 5220.22-M and supports British HMG IS5 Baseline and British HMG IS5 Enhanced


To find out more visit: https://shop.communitycomputers.co.uk 

Thank you to our sponsors

Across the year MTF works with our corporate sponsors, who bulk donate their own redundant tech, or organise tech donations drives within their companies. Want to know more about how your business can take part? Get in touch with us!

About Community Computers

Just for minute, imagine that you couldn’t access the internet from Home! Hospital appointments, the kids’ homework, job applications, information about help, advice, public services, transport, money… the list goes on.

Working out of the UK registered charity Renewal North West (1145056),Community Computers exists to tackle digital exclusion. We are a not-for-profit IT refurbisher using industry leading destruction equipment and a comprehensive audit, tracking and reporting process to repair, refurbish and recycle donated IT equipment back into the community at low-cost. We then ensure that all IT equipment that cannot be reused is recycled using an approved authorised treatment facility (AATF), maximising the positive environmental impact of our processes and operations. In addition, we provide IT work skills to the long-term unemployed to support them back to work.