Women in Tech

friday 8th march 2024

Join us on International Women's Day 2024

Here at MTF we’ve been committed to helping women residents of Greater Manchester in a practical way since our inception. Amy Naylor, our dedicated Digital and Social Inclusion Lead, is employed specifically to partner with our amazing sponsors to funnel resources to under privileged women and families across the region in several ways.

One of the ways we help is by collecting donations of baby food, tampons, nappies, and sanitary items at every single one of our events over the last two years and working specifically with foodbank partners that cater to women that have been victims of domestic violence. 

We are building on our work helping families and mothers, taking the next step, focusing on individual women. Financial independence is key to emotional and practical freedom for many women. The tech industry needs increased diversification of its leadership to enable it to create quality tech products and services for all. We are doing this because we want women to access the benefits of leadership careers in tech and because the the tech industry needs these women’s contributions to be effective.
We are simplistic in our goal: We want all women, of all backgrounds, to have the community and practical knowledge needed to achieve those positions. That is why Women in Tech. [Unfiltered] has been created.

“My career in tech has changed my life, but it’s not always been easy to get where I am today. I want to support more women from similar backgrounds like myself, get that first senior role and to make it a little less lonely when they get there”

Lauren Gibson, Organiser of  MTF Women in Tech 2024.

What to Expect

Our Women in Tech conference is Unfiltered which means you will receive the same raw, authentic, brutal honesty from our speakers and panellists that you’ve come to expect of all MTF events.

For 2024 we are focusing on Leadership. MTF has always been deeply committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and ensuring that everyone has a place at our events. We’ll be guided by those principles with our speakers and panellists who will represent an intersectional platform of amazing women leaders in the tech space.

The content is being carefully and deliberately curated. If any of these apply to you, then you should come along:

1) You are a woman in tech and you’re interested in becoming a;

  • Team Lead
  • Manager
  • Head of X
  • Director
  • Freelancer
  • C-Suite
  • Board Level
  • Founder

2) You want to find a community of intersectional, powerful, compassionate, and inclusive women who work in tech in Manchester.

3) You are currently in a leadership position and would like to meet and learn from other women in leadership.

4) You are an ally who believes that women deserve to have leadership roles and you want to deepen your empathy and learn what you can do to help us in a safe, non-judgemental space.

“This is the community that will get you there, and the conference we wish we’d had when we were starting out”
 Amy Newton  

We’ll be discussing things on the day such as:

  • Top 7 mistakes I made in my first 100 days of Leadership
  • Why going from team member to manager is a career change, not a promotion
  • Pet To Threat: What to do when your ‘champion’ starts to get threatened by you
  • Lonely at the top: how do you forge connections as a woman leader?
  • Want funding as a woman founder? Here’s 3 things I wish I knew
  • When is it time to quit?
  • Sales 101: The most important sales principles when thinking about going freelance
  • From Freelancer to Founder – what to expect when you make the transition
Have you got experience of mentoring in tech? We’ve carved out some time specially for you to take the stage at Women In Tech. [Unfiltered]. We’ve got a lightning talk section during the day where we’ll be asking women leaders in the region who have capacity to take on mentors to talk to our community. 
Do you charge for your mentoring? No problem – women deserve to be paid for their time and skills, we want to hear from you! This is your chance to give a brief intro on who you are, what your skillet is, and the kinds of benefits you can offer as a mentor to women who either want to go freelance, set up their own business or go into leadership! To secure your place on the stage, email [email protected].uk

Are you a man in tech, keen to be an ally and help us with our goals? This spot is for you! Take the stage and offer your help as a mentor, a guide, a champion – even just someone who can make connections and introductions that would benefit the women in our audience. We love having the right male allies in our corner and we need your help if the work is to continue!

Do you want to run a workshop at the Women In Tech conference? Should you be on that stage inspiring the next generation of women leaders? Are you happy to offer your mentoring services? Then we’d love to hear from you! Email [email protected]

Meet The Team

MTF’s Women in tech organising committee is a diverse group of women, who are striving to ensure that this event is intersectional. They have been selected both because of their expertise in the tech field, passion for the subject and varied lived experience.

They are open to taking feedback and suggestions on how this event can be made more accessible.

Lauren Gibson

Head of Product

Parul Singh

Recruitment Marketing Partner & Neurodiversity Consultant

Amy Naylor

Digital & Social Inclusion Lead

Kanika Selvan

Change Consultant

Kirsty Leigh

Head of Marketing

Hannah Adeyemi

Recruitment Constultant

Amy Newton

Festival Founder

Sian-Louise Montgomery

Community Co-Ordinator


Find out more about joining the team email: [email protected]


Friend’s Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS.

Join us at the iconic Friends Meeting House in the City Centre for the day conference, and then onto DiSH for the afterparty with live music, specially themed cocktails and mocktails and a stand up comedian!

How to attend

Tickets for the full day conference including lunch, access to our Slack channel for Women In Tech to keep the conversation going, entrance to the afterparty and some great networking are £36.00

Want to be the first in line? Join our waiting list on the link below and we’ll send you an email


Thank you to our sponsors and patrons, who are making Women in Tech [Unfiltered] a reality

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are proud to say that all of our 2024 Manchester Tech Festival sponsors, are proud sponsors of Women in Tech [Unfiltered]

We have a number of sponsors who are going one step further and becoming a Patron of the Women In Tech. [Unfiltered] conference. You’ll be able to spot them because they’ll have exhibition stands with games, banners, advice and friendly networking opportunities at the venue! If you see someone with a stand – they’re a Patron and we love them for it!

To find out more about becoming a Patron email: [email protected]