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At MTF, we believe the tech industry needs a mix of leaders from diverse backgrounds to create products and services that cater to everyone. To keep it simple, we need more women leading the way in tech for the industry to reach its full potential.

To make this a reality, women from all walks of life should have equal access to the right connections and knowledge to step into leadership roles. It’s also important to have a tech community that understands and supports the idea of the importance of a varied array of leadership in the tech world.

In line with this goal, we’ve introduced “Women In Tech [Unfiltered],” a fresh initiative aimed at fostering allies, offering mentorship, backing women-led businesses, educating the tech sector, and providing support for women in tech. Whether through our March conference, monthly networking events, our women in tech blog, or our existing Diversity & Inclusion program, we’re committed to laying the groundwork that empowers women in tech throughout Manchester.

“My career in tech has changed my life, but it’s not always been easy to get where I am today. I want to support more women from similar backgrounds like myself, get that first senior role and to make it a little less lonely when they get there”

Lauren Gibson, Organiser of  MTF Women in Tech 2024.

Women in Tech [Unfiltered] Conference

Thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Women in Tech Conference on International Women’s Day!

We had incredible feedback and are excited to announce that we are bringing Women in Tech [Unfiltered] back as part of our main festival! 

To find out more visit our event page on the link below!

Digital & Social Inclusion

At MTF we believe that supporting women to achieve leadership positions doesn’t just mean supporting those already working in the tech industry. It is our responsibility to combat the barriers that prevent women accessing a career in tech. That’s why our digital and social inclusion programme is dedicated to funnelling resources to underprivileged women and families across Manchester.

Voices of Women In Tech

At MTF, we strongly embrace the notion that addressing a problem is impossible if you’re unaware of its existence. Understanding the perspectives of those affected is key to fostering empathy, and drawing inspiration from those around us is vital for success. Our Women in Tech blog seeks to amplify the voices of women in the industry, serving as both a source of inspiration and a platform for open discussion and education on the challenges faced by women in tech

Meet The Team

The MET, Women in Tech Organising Group is a diverse group of tech women, who are striving to ensure that the Women in Tech [Unfiltered] programme is intersection. They have been selected because of their expertise in the tech field, passion for the subject and varied lived experience. 


Thank you to our sponsors and patrons, who are making Women in Tech [Unfiltered] a reality