Think of a world where you know that progressing in a career in tech is key to providing better for your family, yet struggling to provide the basics for your children such as baby formula or nappies, stops you attending college or even work.

Take a moment to imagine you are a 14 year old boy, struggling to concentrate in IT because you haven’t had breakfast before school. And finally take a second to think about what it would be like to be a 13 year old girl, skipping class because you can’t afford appropriate sanitary wear each month – leaving you too embarrassed to be in school.

Despite our booming tech industry, crying out for tech talent with some of the highest paid entry level roles, there are hundreds of Mancunians with similar dilemma’s preventing them from accessing the skills to attain these roles.  

At MTF we believe that if we are to close the skills gap and prevent it from occurring in the future we need to begin to address the real issues preventing our community from progression, whether that’s in school, college or work. That’s why, through our Digital and Social Inclusion programme we work with Manchester City Council to support a number of foodbanks across Greater Manchester.

Attendee Donation Scheme

Throughout the year Manchester Tech Festival hosts a number of free to attend social meetups for the tech community during which we collect donations for our local foodbanks.

We appreciate times are hard for everyone, but if you can, we politely ask you to bring a donation of the following items: baby food, nappies, infant formula, hygiene wipes, tampons, sanitary pads, halal food and socks. If your religion prevents you from touching or purchasing any of the previous items you are welcome to bring packaged bars of soap.

Your contribution makes a very real difference to the service users that vitally require these items.

After you donate we work with Manchester City Council to identify which charity partners are in need of our donations the most. We then drop off your donations to the foodbank of choice, where they are distributed to those in need!

We appreciate that times are hard. Our events are free to attend and you are always welcome to join us regardless of wether you can bring a donation or not. Donations are made in a discreet manner at each event so please do not let this hold you back from attending!

Sponsor Donation Scheme

Manchester Tech Festival is grateful to have a number of sponsors each year supporting our festival. In return we offer a sponsor donation scheme, where we facilitate the donation of items to foodbanks through MTF. We will work with you to run in office donation drives and will link you up with the charities to receive reporting on how your donations have made a difference.

To find out more about becoming a sponsor click the link below