MEet the team

The History of MAnchester is a history of hard workers and our team is no different.

Manchester’s history proves that when it’s people come together and work towards a common goal, nothing is impossible. From the Industrial Revolution to the present day, it’s the spirit of teamwork and collaboration that has made this city great. Our team bring a diverse range of skills and expertise, from tech and marketing to inclusion and community building. Their input is invaluable in ensuring that the festival is not only a showcase of the latest technology and innovations, but also represents the ever-evolving and inclusive tech community in Manchester.

Our Team

Amy Naylor

Digtal & Social Inclusion Lead

Parul Singh

Neurodiversity Lead

Luke Ramsden

Organising Board Member

Lauren Gibson

Organising Board Member

Claire Feeney

Organising Board Member

Cat Mawdsley

Community Engagement Officer

Leon Dixon

Organising Board Member

Matt Elson

Organising Board Member

Hannah Lewis

Organising Board Member

Heather W.

Organising Board Member

Kirsty Leigh

Head of Marketing