women in tech


Meet The Team

MTF’s Women in tech organising committee is a diverse group of women, who are striving to ensure that this event is intersectional. They have been selected both because of their expertise in the tech field, passion for the subject and varied lived experience.

They are open to taking feedback and suggestions on how this event can be made more accessible.

Parul Singh

Recruitment Marketing Partner & Neurodiversity Consultant

Kirsty Leigh

Head of Marketing

Sian-Louise Montgomery

Community Co-Ordinator

Lauren Gibson

Head of Product

Kanika Selvan

Change Consultant

Amy Newton

Festival Founder

Amy Naylor

Digital & Social Inclusion Lead

Hannah Adeyemi

Recruitment Constultant

Sherelle Fairweather

Digital Strategy Lead

“I am involved in WIT because I cannot see a future for good tech products and services, if there is not a revolution in our tech industry. There needs to be more women, more intersectionality and the most powerful thing we can do to make this happen, is come together and have the courageous discussion. I am really excited to feel the energy in the room and see how we can change the manchester tech scene for the better.”

Kanika Selvan
Change Consultant & Managing Director at Beetroot Consulting
Women in Tech [Unfiltered] Organising Board Member