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About the conference

29th October March 2024 | Friends Meeting House, Manchester

Back by popular demand,  Women in Tech [Unfiltered] returns and it’s part of our main festival!  

Women in Tech [Unfiltered] was born out of a belief that the tech industry requires more diversification if it is to deliver fantastic products tailored to everyone. To achieve this we believe that the community needs to tackle all subjects creating barriers to women working tech, regardless of how difficult they may be to talk about!

That’s why our conference always promises to be raw, authentic and unapologetically honest – with no topic out of bounds.

What to expect

Women in Tech [Unfiltered] is designed to cater for all, wether you want to get hands on in one of our workshops, boost your network in our after party or have your voice heard in our 99 second talks – there is content for everyone. 

Hear from a number of keynote speakers delving into topics such as finding funding as a loan founder, how to forge connections as a woman at the top and why going from member to manager is a career change. Our speakers have been chosen for their experience in the tech industry and the rawness of their talk topics. 

Alongside the main stage, you will have the opportunity to get hands on in a number of workshops that delve deeper into some of the conferences most important topics. 

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to forge connections with the Manchester Tech Community. From our breakout areas and tech showcase to our evening social – you can connect with members from every corner of the industry.

At MTF we are dedicated to ensuring the conversation and support doesn’t stop at the end of the day, that’s why we are inviting women led businesses, allies, mentors and champions to come forward to offer their support beyond the conference.

Our website will continue to be a hive of discussion and thought provoking content from women working in the tech industry and a source of trusted suppliers for those looking to enhance their business with suppliers who share the same vision of increasing diversification. 



Check out our lineup of speakers by clicking their images below! We will be continuing to announce speakers over the next few weeks, so sign up to our newsletter to be the first in the know! 

Wendy Amexo

Data & Analytics Manager
Procter & Gamble

Julia Bellis

Global Psychological Safety Lead
Equal Experts

Kanika Selvan

Change Consultant & Managing Director
Beetroot Consulting


Woah! We’re still busy pulling together this year’s agenda, so check out the talks below and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear when new talks go live! 

Wendy Amexo
Data & Analytics Manager
Procter & Gamble​

SESSION OVERVIEW: In this inspiring keynote, I will share my personal journey of overcoming life’s challenges, from the profound loss of my mother to battles with mental health. These experiences, while difficult, became the foundation for my personal growth and professional success. Aimed at women in tech, this session will guide you in identifying and harnessing your unique strengths to create a significant impact both in your career and personal life.

Drawing from my own story, I will reveal how embracing vulnerability and fostering resilience can transform setbacks into stepping stones. The audience will learn practical strategies to recognize and seize opportunities, even in the face of adversity, and how to cultivate a mindset that not only endures but thrives.

Whether the audience is navigating their early careers or seeking to redefine their paths, this talk will provide the tools and inspiration needed to make help make a unique mark in the tech industry.

Julia Bellis
Global Psychological Safety Lead
Equal Experts

SESSION OVERVIEW: We live in an uncertain world. Studies show that humans find uncertainty more stressful than certain knowledge of a bad outcome. In this talk I explore why that is and helpful and unhelpful ways to deal with it.

I discuss how a very open ended discovery project forced me to confront uncertainty in Agile software delivery and how great the temptation was to pick a solution in order to have something to focus on delivering. I consider techniques that can help teams in this scenario ‘stay in the problem space’.

I explore unhelpful attempts to eliminate uncertainty from tech dev (waterfall, problem solving as fire fighting) and consider how children approach learning when they have no certain knowledge.

I conclude that we can negotiate a truce with uncertainty – we will never beat it but by being inspired by children, empirical science and progress we can learn to live and flourish with it.

Purchase your pass

Tickets for Women in Tech [Unfiltered] are £36 each and include admission to the days conference at Friends Meeting House and the after party. Ticket price also includes refreshments & lunch.


DiSH MCR, Heron House, 47 Lloyd St, Manchester M2 5LE

Following the conference, we will be hosting our inclusive and accessible after party at DiSH MCR, giving you the opportunity to network and forge connections in the community. 

During the evening we will have music, mocktailsand somewhere comfy to sit. There will be positive networking opportunities and the chance to grab a bite to eat from Caribbean Kitchen, a local family owned caterer (a popular at our events!)

I’ve never seen a conference with such a high level of visible diversity and inclusion, and I’ve never seem so many delegates that were positively BUZZING from all of the inspirational talks and stories. What a brilliant, brilliant day.

Thank you to all the organisers, I can’t wait for next year!
Paul O'Donnell
So many ‘WIT’ events focus on how women need to lean in. They are all focused on how women need to change. My biggest takeaway from today is that we need to talk more about changing the system. Not about changing women in under-represented groups. Honestly the best conference I’ve been to for a long time.
Holly Donohue
The unfiltered requirement did not miss. Each speaker brought their authentic selves to that stage and very moving stories. Thank you all for your honesty and openness. Thank you for the most inclusive agenda I’ve seen.

You understood that representation would matter, and rose to the challenge!
Natalie Navickas